Raj Thackeray compares Maharashtra with UK, says migrants are a problem everywhere

Raj Thackeray compares Maharashtra with UK, says migrants are a problem everywhere
Raj Thackeray

With BMC elections due early 2017, MNS chief Raj Thackeray is keeping his ‘Marathi Manoos’ agenda alive and kicking, this time by referencing the situation with that of the UK. According to Thackeray, Maharashtra is facing problems similar to that of the UK, wherein outsiders are taking away opportunities from the locals.

UK recently decided to quit EU following a referendum, sending the world markets into a frenzy with no one entirely certain of the long term consequences of the move.

Those campaigning for UK to leave, were also deemed to have an ‘anti-immigrant’ agenda.

While addressing workers on Saturday, Thackeray claimed that in the current scenario, his fellow Mahastashtrians were losing out to outsiders who have come to the state and stolen their jobs. He even claimed that the problem is actually omnipresent, but he was being singled out as he was the only one voicing it out here.

Thackeray added, “England pulled out from the European Union out of anger, as locals there were not getting jobs. They also have no work like Maharashtrian youth, as ‘outsiders’ had grabbed all the opportunities.”

Last month, when authorities were about to issue new permits for auto-rickshaws in the city, Thackeray had asked his workers to literally set rickshaws operated by outsiders on fire. “We have jobs in Maharashtra but outsiders are getting them. They are also getting admission in educational institutions depriving our children of their rights,” he added.

While concluding, Thackeray added that local children should get priority in jobs and education and whatever is left should be shared with others.

Since early on, Thackeray has had a reputation for making politically motivated and controversial statements. With the party in contention for the BMC elections, one can expect to hear more from Thackeray in the near future.

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