SoBo jeweller’s son held for dragging man with his Mercedes

SoBo jeweller’s son held for dragging man with his Mercedes 1
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1. The Santacruz police arrested 29-year-old Rushabh Shah, son of a prominent South Bombay jeweller, after a man filed a complaint accusing Rushabh of dragging him for around 30 feet by his car.

2. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Aashir Allana, along with his wife, was driving his Honda Civic towards Andheri from their home in Bandra on May 22. When they reached Milan Subway signal on SV Road, a Mercedes ahead of Aashir’s car didn’t move even though the traffic signal had turned green. “I honked for it to move. Even though I honked, the Mercedes driver paid no heed and stood there. A little later, the car started moving, as soon as I crossed the Milan Subway signal, the driver of the Mercedes applied brakes suddenly, forcing his car to ram into it,’ Aashir said in his complaint.

3. Later, the two got into an argument during which, Aashir alleged that Rushab snatched his keys in and drove off. When he followed Rushabh, to retrieve his car keys, the accused had locked himself inside his car. He then stood in front of the Mercedes and asked Rushabh to returns his keys. “But, to my horror, he started driving his car towards me. I jumped out of its way to my left and held on to his door handle. He continued to drag me while I was holding on to the door handle. He dragged me for 30 feet before I let go of the car since I was aware that I would sustain severe injuries,” he said.

4. After Aashir registered his complaint in the Santacruz police station, the cops swung into action and traced the car to Nipun Shah (Rushabh’s father). Following which Rushabh was arrested and was later released on bail.

5. Meanwhile, Rushabh has said that he was acting as a responsible citizen at the signal and that he has not done anything wrong. He further claimed that he was scared of Aashir as he tried to put his hands inside his Mercedes to get the keys, which according to him, had fell inside his car when Aashir tried to attack him. He plans to take a legal action against Aashir, who works as a marketing manager in a reputed insurance firm.

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