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Hrithik’s lawyer asks Kangana to stop the media war

Hrithik’s lawyer asks Kangana to stop the media war

Hrithik's lawyer asks Kangana to stop the media war 1

After fresh rumours of Kangana avoiding the cyber cell surfaced, the lawyers of both Kangana and Hrithik issued press statements accusing the other party of foul play.

On Monday, rumours started doing rounds that the cyber cell’s investigation team landed at Kangana’s house at around 10:30 AM to record her statement. But the team had to come back empty handed after security informed them that Kangana wasn’t home. Rumours also suggest that Kangana’s security team had asked the cops to produce a search warrant if they wanted to enter the house without a prior appointment.

In response, a source close to Kangana said that the actress was actually at home on Monday morning, but she had no such visitors. According to the source, Kangana had taken some time off to spend time with her family on Monday. But after rumours of cops visiting her started doing rounds, she was inundated by calls from the media.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee actually went ahead and issued a statement claiming that the entire stunt was the work of Hrithik’s PR team.

His statement read, “The media has been told by Hrithik Roshan’s PR team that the police is coming to meet Kangana today. That’s a blatant lie as no one is visiting Kangana…My client is not a coward to disappear suddenly. We have always been handling the matter legally and without any fear… Such acts of misleading media persons shows acts of desperation.”

In response to the accusations, Hrithik’s lawyers issued a statement claiming, “Instead of giving so many media statements they should record one official statement with the cyber crime cell which will really help the investigation. They are clearly more interested in media wars than anything else. The entire process of investigation is stalled because they haven’t officially recorded their statement with the authorities.”

No prizes for guessing if the actor’s lawyers will continue the trial by media.

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