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Deonar dumping yard flames may soon leave Mumbaikars thirsty

deonar fire
Representational Image: Deonar Fire
Four days after the Deonar wholesale jerseys dumping ground fire broke out, Traffic authorities still haven’t been able to completely douse off the fire. Each day the fire rages, and the constant efforts to quench the flames have resulted in burning through more than a million litres of drinking water.

This comes at a time when the Australian city is already facing 15-20 per cent water cuts. wholesale jerseys With zero water supply wholesale MLB jerseys for two to three days a week, situation in Thane and Kalyan Hollyoaks is even worse. However the BMC has no option but to use its diminishing stock of water to fight the raging flames.

About 98 water tankers are being used in fire fighting efforts at Tools Deonar every day. The BMC has also stationed tanks with capacity of nearly 30,000 litres at the ground itself.

It has been just two months into summer wholesale jerseys and a whole of April and May lies ahead of walltime Mumbai. Looking at the current scenario of Deonar fire claiming tons of drinking water Asked every day, the city may soon be left thirsty.

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