People associate their name with me to get publicity: KRK on Shivaay controversy

People associate their name with me to get publicity: KRK on Shivaay controversy
Kamaal Rashd Khan. Picture Courtesy: Youth Connect

A day after actor-filmmaker Ajay Devgn demanded investigation against filmmaker Karan Johar for allegedly paying Kamaal R Khan Rs 25 lakh to send positive tweets about his next film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ (ADHM) and give negative reviews of Devgn’s film Shivaay, he issued another statement claiming that Khan is contradicting himself in explanations.

Devgn, in a statement on Friday said: “We have only made you aware of what KRK has said. He is contradicting himself in explanations about what he has said in the recording and what we all have just heard in his postured press conference.”

“He has not denied that it was his voice in the recording and he is now making excuses and contradicting himself. Where is the sanity here? You have heard what I have heard. It is upto you all to decide. Its his word against his own word,” he added.

Earlier on Friday, Kamaal R Khan, known as KRK, held a press conference on and revealed that Karan Johar never gave him money to say anything bad about ‘Shivaay’ or any film.

“Karan Johar never gave me money to say anything bad about ‘Shivaay’ or for that matter, any film. So Ajay Devgn should stop firing the gun from my shoulder to target Karan Johar,” Kamaal R Khan said at the press conference.

He further said: “People think if they get their name associated with me they will get publicity. Why else would Ajay Devgn drag me into this? This stunt will only garner negative publicity for the film. He doesn’t trust his film and that is why he is relying on critics reviews.”

KRK has over a million followers on his micro-blogging account where he shares movie reviews, insights among other things.

With inputs from IANS.

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