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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai set to return as a web series

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai set to return as a web series

The cast of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai at Satish Shah’s home

A day after we reported about the possible return of 2006’s comedy TV show ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’, there’s more evidence to support the fact that the show will indeed see the light of the day, albeit not on television.

The show revolved around the lives of an affluent South Bombay Gujarati family, whose daughter-in-law is from a middle class Delhi background. The lovable family featured Indravadan Sarabhai (Satish Shah), his wife Maya (Ratna Pathak), younger son Rosesh (Rajesh Kumar), older son Sahil (Sumeet Raghavan) and his wife Monisha (Rupali Ganguly).

The show first aired in 2004 and tickled our funny bones for one full season featuring 69 episodes. Ever since the show went off air in 2006, the show has amassed a massive cult following.

At the end of the first season, the makers had hinted at a second season. But, for reasons best known to them, it never took off. Ever since then, audiences have been waiting for the show’s return. In 2012, however, the show’s director Deven Bhojani categorically denied that the series would return.

But the show’s producer, JD Majethia, gave rise to speculation about the show’s return when he shared a picture of their reunion at Satish Shah’s house earlier this week. Majethia captioned the picture,

“Sarabhai family at satish ji ‘s place…. Some good news for fans on its way”

Later, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Majethia was quoted saying, “We have received so much support from fans online some of whom have even volunteered to finance the show if it returns. During the discussion we agreed that none of us wanted a never-ending TV series but a shorter term online was a good idea. Once I return from my vacation, I will finalise the script and we will move on from there.”

Another cast member, who wished to remain anonymous, also confirmed that ‘something is definitely cooking’ and asked us to wait a few days for a confirmed news.

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