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Sion hospital healthcare centre refuses to treat 3-year-old rape victim

Sion hospital healthcare centre refuses to treat 3-year-old rape victim

Sion hospital healthcare centre denied treatment to a 3-year-old suspected rape victim

The centre for survivors of sexual violence at Sion Hospital turned away a 3-year-old girl who was bleeding from her private parts when it found out that no FIR had been filed in the case.

The family rushed the child to the casualty ward of the Sion Hospital with the help of a few constables from the Shivaji Nagar police station when they came to know that a family member had sexually assaulted her.

However, the concerned doctor refused to treat the girl and asked the family to first file an FIR , without which the medical examination cannot take place. Further, the doctor referred them to the Rajawadi Hospital, a secondary healthcare facility.

After seeking treatment for three hours, the family was left dejected with their bleeding child. However Nitin Chavan, first investigating officer who was accompanying the family, took them to Rajawadi Hospital.

Fearing the ordeal, the victim’s mother refused to let the on-call doctor conduct a thorough examination.The child underwent a check-up, but no detailed examination was conducted due to the parents’ opposition.

While the family refused to file a case, the Rajawadi doctors were not sure if the girl had been sexually assaulted.

The victim’s parents even altered their stance stating that the child had been scratched by a cousin while playing at home.

With no other option left, Shivaji Nagar police inspector let the family go without registering an FIR.

Note: The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act state that an FIR is not mandatory to initiate a medical examination or treatment.

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