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Mumbai’s air quality improves, night temperature dips

Mumbai’s air quality improves, night temperature dips
Mumbai's air quality improves, night temperature dips

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After a hazy last week, the improved air quality due to northerly winds and a drop in the night temperatures have brought some much needed respite to Mumbaikars.

Until last week, the city and its suburbs were witnessing hazy sky and poor air quality because of the slow winds.

However, the northerly winds have brought relief from the haze and the poor air quality, along with making the nights cooler, scientist Ajay Kumar at the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Mumbai, told PTI.

The night temperature will not remain on the lower side for long as the northerly winds now shifting the direction, he said.

“The minimum temperature may remain below average tomorrow and on Friday but subsequently it is expected to rise making the nights warmer,” Kumar said.

The mercury in the city this morning was recorded at 16.8 degree Celsius, less by 1.8 degree Celsius than the normal temperature, as per the IMD data.

The city was relatively cooler yesterday with the morning temperature being 15.8 degree Celsius, it said.

Since Sunday, the minimum temperature in the city has remained lower than normal. It was 17.8 degree Celsius on February 11, 16.6 deg C on February 12 and 15.8 deg C yesterday, according to IMD data.

Meanwhile, Mumbai’s air quality index, a measure of the particulate matter in the air, was at a ‘moderate’ 111 yesterday.

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