College student arrested for crushing toddler to death near Kharghar mall

College student arrested for crushing toddler to death near Kharghar mall
The incident took place near Little World Mall Mall in Kharghar (Representational Image. Courtesy: Trip Advisor)

A two-year-old kid died on Saturday night after being hit by a speeding car in front of a mall in Kharghar. The driver, a college student, has been arrested.

The deceased, Shaurya Ghodse, had gone to Kharghar with his mother for ‘bhau beej’ celebrations on Saturday. His father, Ajay Ghodse, is with Mumbai police. The family resided at the police camp in Worli.

According to Kharghar police, Shaurya and his mother had gone to Little World Mall after celebrating at his maternal uncle’s house. “Around 10 pm, a speeding car drove out of the mall parking lot and ran over the kid,” the official said.

The child suffered serious injuries to his head and reportedly died on the spot.

The driver, feating a public beating, left the car near the mall and fled the spot. The 20-year-old later surrendered to the Kharghar police. He was identified as Ashish Kataria, a college student who had come to Kharghar to visit relatives.

Kharghar police, meanwhile, has booked him under sections 304 (A) and 279 of IPC and relevant sections of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Further investigation into the matter is currently underway.

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