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Cops caught riding without a helmet to face strict action from August 15

Cops caught riding without a helmet to face strict action from August 15
Cops caught riding without a helmet to face strict action from August 15

Picture Courtesy: Prabha Nair

In the wake of the increasing number of instances where police personnel have been found breaking traffic rules, Commissioner of police (CP) Datta Padsalgikar issued an order asking all officials to follow rules or face stern action.

Since the most common complaints include police officials not wearing helmets and seatbelts, the order specifically asks them to ensure they do so going forward. They have also been ordered to ensure they only wear ISI marked helmets, like everyone else.

Those who use a bike everyday, have been given time till August 15 to buy an ISI approved helmet if they haven’t got one already.

In the order, issued last week, the CP states that when an officer of the law breaks traffic rules, it affects the reputation of the entire department. It has been issued to joint commissioners, additional commissioners, deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners of police along with all station in-charges across Mumbai.

An excerpt from the order reads, “Policemen found not abiding by the law would be dealt with strictness and action will be taken against them.”

While speaking to a leading daily, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and Public Relations Officer, Mumbai Police, Ashok Dudhe confirmed that everyone has been following the CPs order diligently.

He also added that the rules are reiterated during every police meeting and DCPs/ACPs regularly visit each zone to ensure that rules are not being flouted. Dudhe even claimed that many officers, who were found guilty of not ‘practising what they preach’, have faced action in the recent past.

Apart from not wearing helmets and seatbelts, some of the other common complaints against cops include breaking traffic signals, riding on JJ flyover (where 2-wheelers are banned) and allowing relatives to put ‘police’ stickers on their vehicles.

Last year, during one of our campaigns, over two dozen individuals had sent pictures of over fifty police officials who were caught flouting rules on Mumbai’s roads.

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