Driver spends 2.5 hours in BKC tracing couple who forgot bag with cash, jewellery in his rickshaw

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Image: TOI

Around 7.30 pm on Saturday, a 24-year-old rickshaw driver found a big briefcase, forgotten by a passenger couple in his rickshaw.

The driver, Guddu Gupta, suspected that the briefcase belonged to the couple he had ferried from Kurla railway terminus to Bandra-Kurla Complex.

Gupta immediately rushed to Bharat Nagar in BKC where he had dropped the couple, but couldn’t locate them. After searching diligently for over 30 minutes with no luck, he decided to approach the local police station.

Police officials, along with Gupta, finally managed to trace the couple around 10 pm. After returning the bag, it was found that the bag contained Rs 3,000 in cash, gold jewellery, bank documents and insurance papers.

The couple had just returned to the city from their hometown, when they accidentally forgot their bag in a rickshaw. Thankful to Gupta for returning their bag, the couple said, “We realized that we had forgotten the bag after we stepped into our house. Around 10 pm, we got a pleasant surprise when a few policeman along with the rickshaw driver came looking for us. Gupta simply refused to accept the reward we wanted to give him for his honesty.”

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