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Drunk woman pushes cop, crashes car in SoBo

Drunk woman pushes cop, crashes car in SoBo
Drunk woman pushes cop, crashes car in SoBo

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A 23-year-old woman, driving under the influence of alcohol, let Mumbai police on wild chase in South Mumbai before crashing her car into a divider and coming to a halt.

The Opera House resident was travelling towards Churchgate station around 2 am on Monday when she was stopped at a traffic nakabandi near Bombay High Court. But instead of stopping the car, she sped through the nakabandi.

Following which, Inspector Namrata Lokhande of Azad Maidan traffic division instructed officers to follow her car. The officers included one woman constable and two male counterparts who were directed to stop her before she harms herself or someone else.

An official from the Azad Maidan traffic chowky said, “We managed to chase her down and stop her near Metro cinema. When a constable was approaching the accused’s car, she got out and pushed her aside. Post which she sat in the car and drove off.”

By now, the officers were suspicious that the accused was driving under the influence of alcohol. So, they alerted the nearby patrol vans. However, before they could chase and stop the car, they found it stationed near Opera House.

“Since the car was stationed in an awkward position near the divider, we knew that there had been an accident. The front type and axle were both damaged. Fortunately, the woman wasn’t hurt, but when she saw us approaching she tried to make a run for it. But we managed to nab her and take her to Azad Nagar police station,” added the official.

After taking her to the station, cops tried to check her blood alcohol level using the breathalyzer. Since the level was way above the permissible limit, she was booked for driving, rash driving and assaulting a public servant.

The woman was later let go after paying a fine, but will have to appear before the Metropolitan Magistrate Court.

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