Fadnavis backs NMMC Chief Tukaram Mundhe, Mayor wants him to stop attending office

Fadnavis backs NMMC Chief Tukaram Mundhe, Mayor wants him to stop attending office
Devendra Fadnavis & Tukaram Mundhe

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday broke his silence and came out in support for Tukaram Mundhe, two days after corporators of the NCP-controlled Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation passed a no-confidence motion against him.

“Targeting an officer for doing his duty, exposing irregularities and preventing wrong happenings is absolutely wrong,” Fadnavis said during an interaction with journalists at his residence, Varsha.

Incidentally, Fadnavis was the one who had handpicked Mundhe for the post of NMMC chief.

“If there are communication problems with the officer, then he can be made aware of that differently,” Fadnavis said, indicating his support for the IAS officer.

The CM also gave a word of advice to Mundhe and other IAS officers, who have to regularly work alongside elected representatives.

“We have a bunch of bright young officers in Maharashtra who are working exceedingly well in different positions. However, they must remember that while dealing with elected representatives and citizens, it would be better if they remain as cordial as possible.”

On October 25, a no-confidence motion was passed by the corporators of NMMC against Mundhe.

This was the first time in 26 years, since the formation of the NMMC, that a no-confidence motion has been demanded by political parties against the Civic Chief by members of the standing committee.

The motion was passed 105-6 at a special meeting convened by the corporation, which was chaired by mayor Sudhakar Sonawane. All corporators from the ruling NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena had voted against Mundhe.

While Mundhe was present in the house during the meeting, he was not allowed to put forth his side.

However Fadnavis, who is yet to decide on whether to accept or reject the motion, asked Mundhe to send his comments on the motion and acknowledged its receipt.

Mundhe was accused of ‘undemocratic functioning’ even though his drive against illegal constructions, allegedly linked to politicians, has earned him plaudits from citizens.

Meanwhile, Sonawane has sought the NMMC chief’s immediate recall and written to Police commissioner to stop him from attending office.

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