Heroic cop runs and stops woman from committing suicide at Jogeshwari railway station

Heroic cop runs and stops woman from committing suicide at Jogeshwari railway station
Jainendra Yadav. Image: TOI

On Friday, an alert RPF constable saved a woman’s life by pushing her out of the way of a fast-approaching train at Jogeshwari railway station. The woman was trying to commit suicide by jumping in front of the train.

The woman, identified as Naina Tawde, was walking towards a deserted platform at Jogeshwari railway station when RPF constable Jainendra Yadav spotted her.

According to Yadav, who was patrolling the station, Tawde was aimlessly walking on the platform. Since that particular platform is only used by long-distance trains, not many commuters are seen on that platform. Moreover, since Tawde had no luggage with her, it didn’t seem as if she was about to board a train.

The RPF constable found her behaviour suspicious and decided to follow her. Suddenly, he noticed Tawde walking towards a fast approaching train. However, before the train could reach her, Yadav sprung into action and ran towards her. He managed to push her back on to the platform before the train reached her, saving her life.

However, after the realizing that the constable had foiled her suicide plan, Tawde retaliated and asked him to let her go. She was adamant about ending her life once and for all.

Instead of letting her go, Yadav took her to the station master’s office and counselled her.

After a few minutes, cops asked her where she lived, but Tawde was still disturbed and couldn’t provide them with any details.

As a last resort, lady RPF officers present at the station examined her bag and managed to find her husband’s number. After her husband was informed, he visited the station and took Tawde home.

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