Local objects to couple kissing in public at Parel, gets stabbed

Local objects to couple kissing in public at Parel, gets stabbed 1
Sahane was stabbed with a glass of a broken bottle when he objected to the couple’s behaviour (Representational Image. Courtesy: nytimes.com)

A 27-year-old was allegedly stabbed with a broken glass and injured after he objected to a couple kissing in public in Mumbai’s Parel area on Monday.

The incident took place around 4 pm when Ganesh Sahane, a local, was passing by the road near a renowned college. He was notified about the couple’s indecent act by children playing at a nearby ground.


According to police, when Sahane objected to their act, the accused, identified as Monty, abused Sahane and beat him up with the help of five of his friends.

During the scuffle, Monty allegedly stabbed Sahane with a glass of a broken bottle.

After police were informed, they took the injured Sahane to KEM hospital, where his condition is said to be out of danger.

Locals helped nab one of the five attackers and handed him over to the police. Cops are now trying to determine if the youngsters attended the same college where the incident took place and have launched a manhunt to trace the remaining accused.

Meanwhile, an assault and attempt to murder case has been registered against all five accused at Kalachowki police station.

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