Man who duped in guise of Dubai labour visa gets arrested while flying to Dubai

Man who duped people under pretext of Dubai work visas gets arrested while flying to Dubai
Picture Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

On Thursday, a conman who would dupe people under the guise of sending them to Dubai with labor visas was arrested at Mumbai International airport while he was travelling to Dubai.

50-year-old Abdul Kadar Shahabuddin Sheikh is believed to have duped at least 12 people from Karnataka’s Belgaum under the guise of getting them work visas for Dubai. His modus operandi would involve creating a fake identity, identifying individuals who could be lured into his trap and running away with the money after they paid him for the visas.

Sheikh would go as far as setting up a fake office during the ‘scam period’. He would shut shop and flee once he received the money.

In July 2015, Sheikh duped three men from Mankhurd of Rs 12 lakh. After he failed to get them the visas and return the money, they filed an FIR against him at Mankhurd police station. Since then, Sheikh avoided coming to Mumbai.

Ironically, when Sheikh was trying to get a Dubai work visa himself, all the agencies he contacted turned him down. In desperation, when a Mumbai agency agreed to get him a visa, he visited Mumbai again.

Since the police had issued a red corner notice against Sheikh, they were alerted about his flight to Dubai and the cops managed to nab him at the airport.

He is likely to be produced in court on Monday and will remain in police custody till then.

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