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Mumbai University exams to overlap with Diwali vacations

Mumbai University exams to overlap with Diwali vacations
Mumbai University exams to overlap with Diwali vacations

Mumbai University

According to a circular issued by Mumbai University, the first semester exams of the current academic year are likely to overlap with the Diwali vacations.

The circular states that the exams will commence on October 25, while Diwali festivities will begin on October 30. The varsity’s decision to hold the exams so close to the festival has drawn flak from both students and college faculty.

The principal of renowned college in the suburbs criticized the move, citing the staff-related issues. “Almost everyone celebrates Diwali and students would definitely find it difficult to concentrate on the exams with the festival around the corner. We will also have to convince the faculty to stay back and work throughout the festival, many of whom might have already made travel plans during those dates,” he said.

He also added that this isn’t the first time the university has done this. Back in 2013, the university had scheduled exams during Diwali, forcing the teacher’s union to take up the issue with the Vice-Chancellor.

According to Yash Bakshi, a student of Matunga’s R.A Podar college, it will be almost ‘impossible’ to study while everyone else is vacationing. “Most of our friends might not have exams during the period so they will also be enjoying during the vacation while we are forced to study. To add to that, the excess noise during the festival will make it difficult to study. I hope the university changes the dates,” he added.

Colleges are also concerned about the assessment of exam papers. If the exams took place before the vacations began, the assessment would have stayed on schedule. However, if the exams take place during Diwali, the assessment process will also get affected and the results will be delayed.

When contacted, a senior official from the university said that the dates included in the circular were tentative ones. He also said that the college’s concerns will be taken into consideration before finalizing the exam dates.

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