Over 18,000 died in train mishaps in Mumbai from 2013-2018, daily fatalities fell from 9.6 to 8.12

Over 18,000 died in train mishaps in Mumbai from 2013-2018, daily fatalities fell from 9.6 to 8.12
An average of 8.9 people died in train-related mishaps everyday from January 2013 and August 2018 (Main Picture Courtesy: Taringa.net)

A staggering 18,423 people died, and another 18,847 people were injured, in suburban train-related mishaps between January 2013 to August 2018 in Mumbai, an RTI has revealed.

The information was sought by RTI activist Shakeel Ahmad.

In its response, the Mumbai railway police commissionerate said that these casualties occurred due to passengers falling from trains, dashing against poles, crossing railway tracks or travelling on the roof of trains.

A yearly breakup of the fatalities, as per the RTI reply, is given below:

2013: 3,506 deaths
2014: 3,423 deaths
2015: 3,304 deaths
2016: 3,202 deaths
2017: 3,014 deaths
2018 (till August): 1,974 deaths

The only silver lining was that despite an increase in ridership, the average number of deaths per day fell from 9.6 in 2013 to 8.25 in 2017 and further to 8.12 in 2018.

Speaking on the declining figures, Ravinder Bhakar, chief PRO of Western Railway said, “We have taken several measures to curb deaths by constructing FOBs, fencing, conducting an aerial survey of accident-prone areas and counselling passengers.”

A railway police official said that these figures include those who committed suicide by jumping in front of trains.

Central Railway is also taking steps to reduce rail-related deaths.

“(Just yesterday) An awareness campaign against unauthorised tress pass on Mumbai division was conducted at various major stations covering vulnerable spots and public/passengers were counselled,” Sunil Udasi, chief PRO of Central Railway

Despite the continual efforts by railway authorities, RTI activist Ahmad said that the railways had to do still more to stop track deaths.

“Railways have failed to comply with the orders of the Bombay High Court in this regard. These numbers will come down if railway officials are forced to travel by trains,” he said.

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