Upset over wife leaving him, Chembur man kills children, hangs self

Upset over wife leaving him, Chembur man kills children, hangs self
Dinesh Yadav’s brother, who broke into the flat after getting suspicious, saw the two kids lying on the bed and his brother’s body hanging from the ceiling by a dupatta (Representational Image)

In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old man allegedly killed his toddler son and three-year-old daughter before committing suicide in Mumbai’s Chembur area.

The bodies of auto rickshaw driver Dinesh Yadav (30), his one-year-old son Pranay and daughter Netra were discovered on Sunday morning. The deceased were residents of Kasturba Nagar, located near the Vashi Naka area of Chembur.

According to officials, Yadav and his wife would often get into heated arguments and the wife would always leave the house after every fight. Most recently, the wife had left the house five days before the incident after a similar quarrel.

Yadav’s brother, who stayed in the next flat, got suspicious on Sunday after no one answered the door despite the flat being locked from the inside.

When the children also failed to respond to his calls, he got worried and broke the door down with the help of some neighbours.

After entering the house, they saw the two kids lying on the bed and Yadav’s body hanging from the ceiling by a dupatta.

After cops were notified, all three were declared dead on the spot and their bodies were sent to Rajawadi hospital for a post-mortem. Officials suspect that Yadav, who worked as a plumber, first killed two children and then ended his own life.

“Yadav first killed his two children and then hanged himself from the ceiling fan. It seems he was upset as his wife had left home after a quarrel and had not returned,” said Zone VI Deputy Commissioner of Police Shashikumar Meena.

“His brother, who had been trying his phone for long, found the bodies after he reached Yadav’s home this (Sunday) morning,’ he added.

RCF police have registered an accidental death report in the matter.

Preliminary information suggests that Yadav was frustrated over his wife leaving him and the added responsibility of handling the two children along with providing for them.

However, police have started talking to family members and neighbours to ascertain the exact reason that led Yadav to take the extreme step.

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