Video: Youth crashes into pole while performing stunt near Charni Road station

Video: Youth crashes into pole while performing stunt near Charni Road station
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Despite persistent efforts by railway authorities to discourage youngsters from performing death defying stunts on Mumbai’s local trains, it has done little to dissuade the youth, who continue to fall victim to the dangerous trend.

In yet another horrific incident, a youngster from the city allegedly lost his life while he was trying to swing from the side of the train while in a squatting position and holding onto the handlebar of a coach.

The incident came to light after a video of the accident surfaced on social media. The video has gone viral since then.

In the 23 second clip, the youth falls down from the train with a jerk after hitting a pole along the railway tracks. A loud noise is heard when his head makes contact with the pole.

The noise is followed by panicked voices of other commuters, including the person recording the incident. The video cuts out a few seconds after the accident.

The youth, who remains unidentified as of writing this post, was continually checking ahead of him. However, a second’s delay led him to miss the pole and caused him to crash into it.

Based on the background voices, where a person is heard saying Charni Road station, railway officials believe the incident took place between Marine Lines and Charni Road stations on the Western line.

GRP is currently trying to ascertain the identity of the youth, along with finding out the exact time and location of the accident.

Although it is unknown if the victim survived the accident, a GRP official said that the chances of survival in such cases are negligible.

In the past, railway authorities have done everything from imposing fines, lecturing and handing roses to dissuade commuters from risking their lives. But, officials admit that their efforts have been unsuccessful so far.

According to authorities, around 39 passengers have died in separate train accidents across Mumbai in last five days alone. From January to October 2016, over 2,600 people have lost their lives while commuting on the world’s busiest railway network.

Video (discretion advised):

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