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Western Express Highway to get 100 crore facelift in 2020

Western Express Highway to get 100 crore facelift in 2020
Western Express Highway to get 100 crore facelift in 2020

The project entails various works like improving road quality, installation of crash barriers, revamping service roads, synchronising signals, better signages & street lights, re-designing junctions among others (Representational Image)

In welcome news for motorists, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is set to spend a whopping Rs 100 crore in 2020 to ensure a smoother and faster drive on the Western Express Highway (WEH).

MMRDA, which manages the WEH, has reportedly appointed global consultants Louis Berger Group to study the crucial 25-km highway between Bandra-Borivali and suggest ways of improving the traffic flow.

The WEH, which connects the south and north ends of the city’s suburbs, is used by over one lakh vehicles every day and is among the most congested roads in the city.

Over the years, several commercial and residential hubs have come along the highway, leading to a meteoric rise in the number of people using the road.

The situation has become critical in the last two years as a part of the road has been blocked for metro work. Since then, motorists have regularly complained about huge traffic snarls along the route and excruciatingly long travel times.

According to reports, MMRDA has already awarded tenders for bituminous surface works for 5.8 lakh sq.m out of the WEH’s total surface area of 11 lakh sq.m. The tenders for the remaining 4.5 lakh sq.m are expected to be awarded within a week.

The Rs 100 crore budgeted towards improving the speed and safety of the highway will be used for various works, which include:

* Re-carpeting rough or potholed sections of the main carriageway
* Installation of anti-crash barriers on both sides
* Improving service roads
* Enabling easy entry and exits for flyovers
* Improving signages and street lights
* Scientifically re-designing junctions
* Synchronising signals along the route
* Widening of underpasses
* Cleaning and removing encroachments from under flyovers
* Repairing and revamping highway foot-over-bridges
* Building public toilets and electric charging stations
* Beautifying median & footpaths with green walls and flyovers with artwork

The project will begin early next year and is expected to complete within six months.

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