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Woman held for drunk driving, assaulting 3 female cops in Worli

Woman held for drunk driving, assaulting 3 female cops in Worli
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Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Around 2 am on Thursday, a 21-year-old rammed her car onto the divider and later hit the footpath near Podar Hospital, Worli in an inebriated state. The accused was identified as Gauri Bhide.

2. The car was spotted by a police patrolling van who approached them to check on the passengers. After investigating, the police learnt that Gauri and three fellow passengers, including a minor, were in an inebriated state.

3. All four were then taken to JJ Hospital for a medical test. The examination reports revealed that they were drunk beyond the permissible limits and the accident was a manual error, not a fault of the car’s mechanics.

4. Post the tests all four were taken to a nearby police station where Bhide pulled out wires attached to the computers in protest and assaulted three women constables who tried to restrain her.

5. While three other youths have were arrested, the 17-year-old was detained. Additional charges of drunk driving and assaulting police officers were pressed against Bhide, while the rest were booked for destroying public property.

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