Army carried out strikes with 100% perfection & without Indian casualties: Defence Minister

Army carried out strikes with 100% perfection & without Indian casualties: Defence Minister
India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. Picture Courtesy: PTI

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday questioned the ‘loyalty’ of those who doubted the Army and sought proof of surgical strikes across the LoC even as he made it clear that there is no need to give out any video of the operation.

Describing the cross-LoC operation as ‘100 per cent perfect surgical strike’, he said the borders of the country are secure under the Narendra Modi government.

“I am proud of our soldiers. When asked to conduct a surgical strikes not only they conducted a strike but achieved hundred per cent strike without any casualty,” he said.

However, he warned that one has to remain vigilant against ‘certain elements’ who don’t owe their loyalty to the country completely.

“No one had doubted bravery of our forces ever, but for the first time recently some people are doubting,” he said, maintaining that he would not like to take names.

Highlighting the news report of CNN News18 in which a Pakistani police officer has admitted that surgical strikes did happen, Parrikar said,

“There is now no more reason to release video or to give any proof.”

Parrikar, who was speaking at a BJP organised public meeting, said that many ex-servicemen have shown willingness to fight on the border if required.

“Some ex-servicemen wrote to me and said that they are ready to fight on the border if need arises. I salute them,” said the minister, adding, “Our nation carries the heart and courage to carry this task out.”

He also said that the forces and citizens will have to be vigilant against ‘frustrated’ terrorists who will try and attack because of the shame they have been put to as a result of the surgical strikes.

Earlier, Congress Mumbai Chief Sanjay Nirupam and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had sought proof of army’s surgical strikes. But following a backlash, Nirupam changed his stance to ‘BJP shouldn’t politicize the strikes’ and Kejriwal said that the ‘proof’ should be sent to expose Pakistan, who is still denying any such strike ever took place.

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