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Bride’s demand before marriage leaves her in-laws stunned

Bride’s demand before marriage leaves her in-laws stunned
Bride's demand before marriage leaves her in-laws stunned

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

In a surprising turn of events, a bride from Kisipura village in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh stunned everyone when she demanded her in-laws for 10,000 saplings instead of the customary gold or silver.

A popular tradition in the Gwalior-Chambal region dictates that the girl’s future in-laws ask her for a suitable wedding gift. When Priyanka Bhadoriya’s in-laws asked her what she would like to receive for her wedding, she was quick to respond with ‘10,000 saplings’. Her choice of a ‘wedding gift’ astounded her family as well as her in-laws, given most brides usually ask for jewellery.

The 22-year-old’s wish stems from the fact that she has witnessed her father, a farmer, grapple with adverse effects of drought and depleting crop production because of afforestation in the region. Hence, the Science graduate wanted to plant 5000 saplings at her native place and 5000 saplings at her in-law’s place in Jalaun.

The groom and his family happily obliged and accepted her request. When the groom – Ravi Chauhan was asked about the peculiar wish, his response was, “I am happy after knowing that she is more concerned about environment than her own wealth.”

In addition, the newly married couple has also started off by planting two mango saplings in Kisipura village and plan on planting on each of their wedding anniversary henceforth.

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