Google is India’s ‘most attractive employer’

Google is India's 'most attractive employer' 1
Google India is the most attractive employerGoogle is India's 'most attractive employer' 1

Google India emerged as the winner of the 6th edition of the Randstad Award and was crowned as the ‘most attractiveEMPLOYERGoogle is India's 'most attractive employer' 1‘ in India.

Google India retained the title for the second consecutive year and was followed by Mercedes Benz India as the runner up.

The sector-specific special recognition awards for the year are going to Dell India for IT, Samsung India for Consumer Electronics and Amazon India for E-Commerce.

The Randstad Award is hosted each year to encourage best practices for talent attraction and to identify the bestEMPLOYERGoogle is India's 'most attractive employer' 1 Brand in the country based on perceived attractiveness of a company.

For India this year, the survey captured the views of around 7,500 respondents, who chose the nation’s most attractive employer brand for 2016. Globally, the survey captured the responses of over 2,00,000 respondents across 25 countries.

The IndianSURVEY RESULTSGoogle is India's 'most attractive employer' 1 also showed that IT & Communication, Automobiles, FMCG, Retail and E-commerce were the most ‘sought after’ sectors by employees.

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