Video: Policemen caught fighting over ‘bribe money’ in broad daylight

Video: Policemen caught fighting over bribes in broad day light
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In a shameful incident, on Sunday afternoon, a policemen and a homeguard were caught fighting in broad day light on a busy street in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The two officials, who were posted at an important intersection in Lucknow, were seen assaulting each other other during their altercation. Within minutes, a huge crowd gathered around them.

According to reports, the homeguard had collected bribes from the local street vendors to allow them to continue selling their products on the street. When the policeman asked for an equal share in the bribe money, it led to an argument which escalated into a fist fight between the two.

Other police officers stationed around the area spotted the two from a distance and came running towards them. They managed to separate the two before things went out of hand.

As per the statement of the Superintendent of Police Manjil Saini, policeman Virendra Yadav has been suspended and a letter has been written to homeguard directorate seeking action against the homeguard.

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