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Will extradite Zakir Naik if he fails to return: Devendra Fadnavis

Will extradite Zakir Naik if he fails to return: Devendra Fadnavis
Will extradite Zakir Naik if he fails to return: Devendra Fadnavis 1

Devendra Fadnavis


On Tuesday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis confirmed the submission of the report by Mumbai police on controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

Following the submission, Fadnavis told ANI. “The Government has received a report on Zakir Naik from the Commissioner of Police (CP) of Mumbai. There are many indictments in the report. Many unlawful activities have been pointed out pertaining to the organisation of which Dr. Zakir Naik is a leader”

The CM also added the Maharashtra government is currently examining the report and will soon share it with the Ministry of Home Affairs. “Soon we will share the report with the central Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and in consultation with them, we will decide further course of action which we need to take,” he added.

Mumbai police had been tasked with investigating Naik’s past speeches, which are available online, to ascertain if any of them could have inspired youths to join terrorist organisations. The probe was ordered amit reports that his preachings inspired some of those involved in Dhaka terror strike.

Naik, who is currently abroad, has been facing heat over allegations of inspiring some of the Dhaka attackers through his speeches. Media reports claimed that his provocative speeches inspired some of the terrorists who carried out Bangladesh’s worst terror attack at a cafe in Dhaka on July 1 where 22 people lost their lives.

“Government will press for extradition of Naik if he does not return on his own from abroad. Mumbai Police report severely indicts preacher Zakir Naik,” Fadnavis told PTI.

While Naik claims to be a messenger of peace and advocates for inter-faith harmony, his speeches often revolve around the supremacy of Islam over other religions.

On July 15, Naik had a lengthy interaction with Indian media via Skype from Saudi Arabia and rubbished the accusations that his sermons had inspired terror activity, including the Dhaka attack. He has also ruled out returning to India this year and claimed his remarks were ‘blown out of context’ and that he has never inspired any terror activity.

Video of Devendra Fadnavis acknowledging the submission of report on Zakir Naik:

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