Mumbai-based NGO to contribute towards world record, will plant 5000 saplings on July 1

City NGO to contribute towards world record, will plant 5000 saplings on July 1
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On July 1, the Government of Maharashtra is attempting to create a Guinness World Record by planting over 2 crore saplings state-wide. ConnectFor, a Mumbai-based NGO, will be participating in the initiative by planting 5000 saplings in the city.

ConnectFor will be undertaking the drive in collaboration with Maharashtra Nature Park in Dharavi, the city’s largest but now defunct dumpyard. The NGO volunteers will be planting saplings across 12 hectares of land.

The NGO will be conducting the activity with the help of over 5000 student volunteers from various Mumbai schools.

In addition, over 200 volunteers will be on the ground managing the plantation drive and making sure they meet their target.

On the plantation drive, Dharmaraj from ConnectFor said, “We strongly believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the city’s residents to not just participate in a mass movement like this, but for us to also spread more awareness and sensitize citizens about how each of them can contribute towards making the city, and consequently, the planet a greener and better planet. Platforms like yours are a great way for us to further mobilize resources for this and a great opportunity for you to also lead coverage on this and engage actively across various media platforms.”

He has also urged those who are willing to contribute in any way to join them for the event. Additional details can be found here:

City NGO to contribute towards world record, will plant 5000 saplings on July 1
Picture: ConnectFor

About the organization:

The Rosy Blue Foundation (RBF) is working to create a technology platform, ConnectFor, that aims to bring together not for profit organizations and volunteers by matching specific organization needs to volunteers skills. The company is working towards maximizing impact and opportunity to both organization and volunteer.

ConnectFor is designed as a one stop shop for volunteers to connect with NGOs that work for different causes. It is a structured and easy way for volunteers to give their time and skill to add maximum value. The entire platform is being designed to facilitate the easy transmission of skill and time as per the demonstrated need of an organisation.

The platform has already partnered with over 55 non-profits across various cause areas and has over 1100 registered volunteers. Website:

This post was sent to us by ConnectFor and published as a part of our social outreach program, aimed at spreading awareness about social causes. If you are associated with an organization that is working towards bringing about a social change, feel free to reach out to us at editor[@]

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