Aamir is also very keen to do a 3 Idiots sequel, says Rajkumar Hirani

Aamir is also very keen to do a 3 Idiots sequel, says Rajkumar Hirani
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If there’s one director in Bollywood today who has managed to crack the formula for making meaningful cinema commercially successful, it’s Rajkumar Hirani.

Unfortunately for the fans, the director, who has critically acclaimed films like ‘Munnabhai’, ‘PK’ and the highest grossing film Bollywood film of all time ‘3 Idiots’ to his credit, isn’t exactly in a hurry to churn out a lot of films. In fact, it’s been two years since his last release, ‘PK’.

Apart from Hirani’s penchant for creating thought provoking cinema, the director has also maintained a very close relationship with his lead actors, be it Aamir Khan or Sanjay Dutt, with whom he has done two films each.

So when the director roped in Ranbir Kapoor for his next, the biopic on Sanjay Dutt, speculations were rife that the director will repeat his casting for his next film.

However, if the director’s statement is to go by, he might just work with Aamir for the third time instead of the Kapoor scion.

When the director was recently asked about whether he would work with Aamir again, Hirani said, “Aamir is always a complete joy to work with. He is one of those rare persons, who gets completely involved in the film. So, I would love to work with him. In fact, in between, we have a great idea for 3 Idiots 2. It’s still very sketchy, but out of excitement, Abhijat and I bounced the idea to Aamir, and he is also very keen to do it someday. If that happens, then we would love to work together.”

Later, when asked why the he chose to opt for a sequel to ‘3 Idiots’ instead of ‘PK’, he responded by saying, “After the amount of bashing we got for it, we would rather be careful with PK. Munnabhai, of course, will have a sequel. We want to make one for 3 Idiots. Let PK be for a while, unless we can use the alien to do something else.”

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