Abhishek shares a heartwarming message on Big B’s rebirth

Abhishek shares a heartwarming message on Big B's rebirth
Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan

Exactly 34 years ago on this date, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan regained consciousness after a near-fatal accident while filming ‘Coolie’. Since then, the actor remembers the day as his second birthday.

On July 26 1982, Bachchan suffered the accident while shooting Manmohan Desai’s film in Bengaluru. A mistimed jump in a fight scene with co-star Puneet Issar made him hit the corner of a table, instead of landing on top of it as he was meant to, leaving him seriously injured.

Bachchan thanked his fans for their prayers as he took to his Twitter to recall the incident. “Some years you do not wish to remember .. thank you to them that prayed for me…” the 73-year-old ‘Piku’ star tweeted.

As fans began tweeting ‘Happy Birthday Once Again’ to him, Bachchan wrote, “To all that wish me today, may I just say I am overwhelmed by your prayers and concern and love … Indebted.”

Big B’s son and actor Abhishek Bachchan also took to Instagram to share a heartwarming message and wish his father.

He shared a picture of Bachchan from a scene in ‘Coolie’ and wrote, “I can’t even remember how many times I would drape a bedsheet in the same way and re-enact this sequence from ‘Coolie’. Would make my friends play the role of Zafar and shoot me with a plastic play gun and I would play the part of Iqbal. Yup, I learnt very early in my life that God made only one Amitabh Bachchan. Happy second birthday Pa. You are my inspiration.”

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