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Akshay Kumar wasn’t detained at Heathrow Airport

Akshay Kumar wasn't detained at Heathrow Airport

Akshay Kumar

Recently, reports of Akshay Kumar being detained at London’s Heathrow airport made the news with most claiming that Akshay was detained because of an alleged visa problem.

However, a source close to the star has come forth and clarified what actually happened at Heathrow. According to the source, there was no problem with Akshay’s visa. He was simply asked to wait for an hour and half while the authorities checked his passport.

Akshay has a Canadian Passport which allows him to travel to the UK for personal or business purposes for up to 90 days without requiring a visa. Authorities simply took time to cross verify these details. After the authorities were satisfied with Akshay’s documents, they apologized for the delay and let him proceed.

U.K’s Home Office spokesperson has also confirmed that there was no problem with Akshay’s documents.

So, as far as Akshay being detained is concerned, there was much ado about nothing.

Akshay was travelling to London to shoot for his upcoming movie ‘Rustom’.

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