Complaint filed against actress Sunny Leone for singing National Anthem incorrectly

Complaint filed against actress Sunny Leone for singing National Anthem incorrectly
Sunny Leone singing the National Anthem at the Pro-Kabbadi event

A police complaint has been filed against actress Sunny Leone for singing the National Anthem incorrectly at a recent sports event. The complaint was lodged at Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar Police Station.

The actress had sung the National Anthem during the Pro Kabaddi league match on Thursday in Mumbai. In the past, actor Amitabh Bachchan and comedian Kapil Sharma have also sung the anthem for the event.

The complainant, Ullas PR, reportedly filed a case against the actress for not pronouncing certain words of the anthem correctly. The complaint claims that a renowned personality like Sunny Leone cannot afford to sing the anthem incorrectly as it could ‘influence her fans’.

Ullas also mentioned that the actress should have practiced singing the anthem a few times before actually signing it on air at the event, deeming her rendition ‘unacceptable’.

In Sunny’s defence, the actress did tweet about practising the anthem before the big day. She wrote, “In order to get all the words correct and pronunciation correct I had to hear what I’m singing. Been practicing on my own all month.”

Later, after the event concluded, the actress even told PTI, “It’s a proud moment for me. I had never ever desired or thought that I would get to sing the National Anthem. I feel blessed and honored. I was very nervous.”

A few month’s back, Ullas had also filed a complaint against actor Amitabh Bachchan for taking more than the mandated time for singing the anthem at the T20 world cup clash between India and Pakistan.

Here’s a video of Sunny signing the National Anthem:

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