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Dimpy trolled for delivering baby 7 months after marriage, husband lashes out

Dimpy trolled for delivering baby 7 months after marriage, husband lashes out
Dimpy trolled for delivering baby 7 months after marriage, husband lashes out

Dimpy Ganguly and husband Rohit Roy

TV personality Dimpy Ganguly along with husband Rohit Roy recently welcomed a baby girl named Reanna into their family.

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant rose to fame after starring in Rahul Mahajan’s show ‘Rahul Ka Swayamvar’ in 2010. The couple got hitched after dating for a while, but later got divorced after Dimpy accused Rahul of domestic violence.

Their divorce was finalized in February 2015, post which, Dimpy started a new life with Dubai-based businessman Rohit Roy. She tied the knot with Rohit on November 27 last year.

After 7 months of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child girl on June 20 (born prematurely). An ecstatic Dimpy took to her photo-sharing account on Instagram to share the news with fans and followers.

Although the couple was showered with blessings and congratulatory messages, there were those who were quick to point out that the actress had a baby just 7 months after marriage, implying that she was pregnant before the wedding.

Among them was one comment that read, “I have a question for you Dimpy. Your wedding pics were uploaded in November and now in June you are delivering a baby girl in seven months. How did you manage?”. Some even referred to her as a ‘gold digger’.

But, her fans stood up for her and asked the trolls to stay clear of the happy couple. Dimpy’s husband also came to her rescue and sent a scathing reply to one of the haters that read, “Stop spreading your filth around…maybe you come from a world where a man doesnt defend his wife when a stray dog barks at her…..but unfortunately I have had the good fortune of belonging from a place where I have seen family stick together….so if you ask me who I am to interfere….let me tell you you are trying to trash my wife and the mother of my child…..Just because you think marriage is for money fame etc (speaking from your own guilty conscience and experience I assume), isnt necessary why others get married too. I do hope someday the misfortunes of a girl that you are making a gossip of today comes back to haunt you someday, perhaps that day youll realise how classless your rant and thought sounds. Stop thinking about humanity, I dont even think your own family will be proud of you when they see how ugly amd pathetic your thoughts are! In the end your calculations, assumptions, thoughts and rants are as incorrect as your English! So I urge all our well wishers to ignore this low life and move on! After all whats the point in trying to put sense in someone who spells National as Nacional! Lol!”

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