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John Abraham lifts 1,500 kg Mercedes-Benz for Force 2

John Abraham lifts 1,500 kg Mercedes-Benz for Force 2
John Abraham lifts 1,500 kg Mercedes-Benz for Force 2

John Abraham lifting the car in Force 2

While movie franchises seldom live up to audiences’ expectations, actor John Abraham is literally putting everything he has got into making sure that it isn’t the case with his upcoming film, Force 2.

John, who had lifted a 150 kg bike in the 2011 release, has reportedly outdone himself for the sequel. According to the film’s producer, the ‘Dishoom’ actor has lifted a Mercedes-Benz weighing over 1580 kg for a scene in Force 2.

“When John lifted the bike, it became a talking point even though many claimed that it was a tweaked shot carried out with trick photography. But he proved all of the sceptics wrong by lifting the bike at a press conference during the film’s promotions. When we were discussing Force 2, John himself came up with the idea of lifting a car, as the plan was to make the sequel bigger and better than the original,” said producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah.

“Obviously, one can’t lift a car completely on their own. But John worked extremely hard on the sequence. Most people can’t even do one-tenth of what John has done in this film.Also, director Abhinay Deo has executed the sequence well,” he added.

What made the scene even trickier was the fact that John was shooting the sequence while nursing a knee injury. The actor had busted his knee while shooting for the film in Romania last year.

“He began prepping up by working out in the gym for six-seven hours every day and keeping a close watch on his diet four-five months before we began shooting. However, it was tricky as he hadn’t been able to go to the gym after the accident and so he had to start gaining weight from scratch. He has done a commendable job,“ Vipul exclaimed.

The Mercedes sequence earlier this month in Mumbai.

Helmed by Abhinay Deo, the film also stars Sonakshi Sinha and is slated for a November 18 release.

John talking about his Force 2 journey:

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