Salman given 7 days to issue public apology for ‘rape’ comment

Salman given 7 days to issue public apology for 'rape' comment
Salman Khan

While speaking to journalists about his ‘Sultan’ journey, little did Salman Khan know that one statement could stir such a controversy and cause an uproar on social media. The actor’s ‘rape’ comment has reportedly not gone down well with the National Commission for Women (NCW), who has slammed the actor for it and demanded an apology.

When asked about the shooting schedule for his upcoming film ‘Sultan’, where he essays the role of a wrestler, the actor described the physically daunting task by saying,

“It is like the most difficult thing….When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out.”

Khan immediately realised his mistake and sort of tried to clarify by saying, “I don’t think I should have used that”. But moved on finished the sentence by adding, “It feels like the most difficult…I couldn’t take steps. I couldn’t take steps.”

After his statement was made public, Lalitha Kumaramangalam, the chief of NCW, told ANI that the commission has sent him a letter asking why he made such a remark. While speaking to ANI, she said, “This is very sad. Just because he is Salman Khan doesn’t mean he will make such a statement”. She also added that the commission has given him seven days to issue a public apology for his statement.

Apart from NCW, many independent activists also took to social media and demanded an apology from the actor. Netizens also slammed the actor on Twitter for his insensitive and ‘trivialising rape’ statement.

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