Video: Akshay asks citizens to focus on helping martyr’s families, ignore media circus

Video: Akshay asks citizens to focus on helping martyr's families, ignore media circus
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Amid the growing tension between India and Pakistan, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar on Thursday shared a heartfelt video urging fellow citizens to think about the need of the hour instead of getting distracted by the media circus surrounding trivial issues.

Akshay starts the video by stating that he is speaking to his countrymen as the son of an Army man and not a celebrity.

He then delves into some of his observations over the last few days, which he says have led him to believe that most of us have been focusing on relatively trivial issues about politicization of the strike and the banning of Pakistani artistes instead of trying to figure out how we can help those who have lost their sons in the terror attacks.

Akshay adds that amid the growing tension on the border, our priority should be supporting our soldiers and their families instead of fighting amongst ourselves.

The actor shared the video on his micro-blogging account with a message that read, “Something which has been on my mind since the past few days and I just had to say it. Not intending to offend anyone…so here goes.”

Within minutes of uploading the video, the ‘Rustom’ actor became a trending topic and his video went viral on social media. As of writing this article, the video has witnessed over 20,000 engagements on Twitter alone.

The 49-year-old has always been vocal when it comes to appreciating the good work of public servant. Just two weeks back, the actor had lauded the work of a police constable who saved a young woman’s life at Lonavala station.

Recently, actor Nana Patekar had urged citizens to ignore what actors were saying about the terror attacks and its subsequent aftermath, claiming that they were trivial in front of the nation.

But, even the veteran actor might endorse Akshay’s message about focusing on the need of the hour.

Akshay’s Video:

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