Commuter loses iPhone at Mahim, cops recover it by the time he files complaint at Dadar

Commuter loses iPhone at Mahim, cops recover it by the time he files complaint at Dadar 3
Image Courtesy: Mid-Day

A commuter who lost his iPhone at Mahim station managed to get it back by the time he was filing a complaint at Dadar GRP, all thanks to an alert ATC cop.

32-year-old Faroqi Shoaib was boarding the train at Mahim station when someone hit him on his hand. In the commotion, Shoaib managed to board the train but his iPhone fell on the platform. Since the train had started gathering speed, he was unable to get down. He then spotted two individuals picking up his phone from the platform and leaving with it.

The two individuals, later identified as Dinesh Gopal and Sameer Shaikh, were trying to flee Mahim station with the phone when Assistant Police Inspector Sandeep Shinde of Bandra ATC spotted them.

Shinde found their behavior suspicious and called out to them. When the accused started running away, Shinde knew something was amiss started chasing after them.

After a few minutes of chasing them, Shinde and his team managed to nab them. Once caught, Gopal and Shaikh admitted to stealing the phone.

Since the phone was locked, Shinde couldn’t access the contact list. But when he called the emergency contact, he was able to reach Shoaib’s wife who gave them his second phone number. In the meanwhile, Shoaib had travelled back from Bandra to Dadar station and was in the process of filing a complaint with the GRP. While he was filing the complaint, Shoaib received a call from Shinde on his alternate number and was informed that his phone had been recovered.

Shoaib travelled back to Mahim station to claim his phone and identified the accused.

A case of robbery has been filed against Gopal and Shaikh. They have also been handed over to the Mumbai Central GRP since the case was under their jurisdiction. A Mumbai Central GRP official recognized the two as they were repeat offenders and wanted for other cases as well.

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