Long chats with girlfriend on stolen mobile led police to Kalyan’s underage monster

Long chats with girlfriend on stolen mobile  led police to Kalyan’s underage monster
The Kalyan boy and his gang caught by cops
Using the mobile phone of a victim proved a bit too costly for the 15-years-and-four-months-old gang leader, who has been booked for a series of robberies, murders and rape in Kalyan.

According to the police, the gang, led by the accused, broke into an apartment of the 22-year-old engineering student in Kalyan on April 14. After killing the girl and then raping her body for about half-an-hour, the accused robbed her house and took along jewellery worth Rs 1.6 lakh.

While leaving from the house, he picked up the girl’s mobile phone, which he used to talk to his girlfriend from long hours. The police tracked down the girl and through her reached the minor gang lord and his three accomplices.

Meanwhile, ashamed of his son’s deeds and fed up of consistent jeering by locals, the accused’s father committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan of his house this weekend.

As per the law, the identity of juvenile suspect is not to be released to the public. Despite this, local residents somehow discovered the accused’s identity after which the public taunts shadowed the family.

It is said that minor’s father was under tremendous stress, with people either taunting him about his son’s deeds or simply expressing their horror over the crime.

Also, he was said to be worried about the fate of his son and believed he would never get out of jail, as there were reports that his son was going to be tried as an adult under the new Juvenile Justice Act.

Meanwhile, the cops have registered an accidental death case for now and are awaiting his post-mortem reports to check whether he was under the influence of alcohol when he killed himself.

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