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Lower Parel PVR restarts The Jungle Book for crying kids late for the show

Lower Parel PVR restarts The Jungle Book for crying kids late for the show

Lower Parel’s PVR Pheonix Kotak IMAX restarted playing The Jungle Book that had allegedly crossed a run-time of about 20 minutes for 40 people, mostly kids, who arrived late for the show. It is said that some of the kids even started crying for having missed the start of the film.

Though many would appreciate the cinema hall’s gesture, some termed the incident as a new low in movie-going experience. Some of the agitated patrons were eager to know who these 40 ‘VIP’s’ were and why they were accorded with such special treatment.

The manager of the theatre informed then that there were many children in the group that had walked in late for the show, and the decision to restart the movie was taken because the multiplex was part of the service industry which was meant to cater to everyone.

One of the irate patrons, in her complaint to PVR said, “It is not my problem and not PVR’s either. Let them stay stuck outside. Next time they’ll be punctual.

Speaking to a newspaper, she said, “My disappointment with the multiplex has magnified. The incident is a reflection of how our society works. It is shameful that 40 people and the management, took 400 people hostage after flouting rules of establishment,” she said.

Meanwhile, one of the latecomers, speaking on the condition of anonymity, explained, “We appreciate the gesture of the management. Being the last day of school there were many children with us and they would have been deprived of the beginning.”

A staff from the PVR, unwilling to reveal his identity said that it was not 20 minutes, but about five-six minutes had passed when the movie was restarted. The theatre adjusted that time during the interval by getting rid of commercials and trailers.

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