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Mulund resident fined Rs. 2500 for mistreating his dog

Mulund resident fined Rs. 2500 for mistreating his dog

A representational image of a Great Dane puppy

A Mulund resident was asked to pay a fine of Rs. 2500 on Saturday for treating his pet dog irresponsibly and cruelly.

The dog’s plight came to light after a resident took pictures of the Great Dane’s condition and sent it to Animal Welfare activists. The pictures showed that his small cage was kept covered with a plastic sheet, thereby affecting the cage’s ventilation. In addition to the abysmal cage condition, the informed also told activists about the dog’s irregular walks.

The owner, who works as a driver, spends the entire day working while his mother is too scared to go near the dog.

After visiting the cage a few times, activists Meet Ashar and Nirali Koradia warned the owner and asked him to take care of the year old dog. But, after repeated warnings failed to result in any action, they activists filed a non-cognizable (NC) offense at Mulund Police station. The offence was registered under section 11 (1) (a), (e), (g), (h) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and section 119 of the Maharashtra Police Act, 1951.

The owner was called in to pay the fine and asked to remove the sheet from the cage immediately. Also, since he didn’t have the required papers for owning the dog, he has been allotted a day’s time to produce them. If he is unable to do so, the dog will be moved to a foster home.

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