Crocodile attacks fisherman in Powai Lake

Crocodile attacks fisherman in Powai Lake
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A fisherman was severely injured after a crocodile attacked him in Powai Lake last week.

Identified as Babu Bhure, the fisherman sustained serious injuries on his hands and legs, and was rushed to Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar.

The Powai police has made the entry of this incident in their report diary. Cops believe that a possible reason for the attack could be that Bhure had casted his net close to the site where the crocodile had laid eggs.

Following the attack, residents of the area have reiterated their demands of putting up warning boards along the boundary of the lake to warn people of the presence of crocodiles.

According to the residents, the lake houses at least 10 crocodiles and are often spotted by people. However, the authorities have failed to take any sorts of precautionary steps to ensure the safety of fishermen, anglers and the crocodiles.

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