Pressure to score well led IIT-B professor’s daughter to end life

Pressure from parents to score good marks forced Powai girl to end life? 5
IIT Bombay

A 17-year-old girl killed herself by jumping off a building in the IIT Bombay campus in Powai last evening.

The teenager was the daughter of N Hemchandra, Head of the Industrial Engineering department, and lived with her parents in the staff quarters located inside the IIT campus.

A Class XII student of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Powai, Saroja jumped off the 14th floor of the Shivalik Building.

Powai police, which is investigating the case, suspect that pressure regarding studies compelled Saroja to end her life.

The campus in January, witnessed a similar case, when the 20-year-old son of an IIT professor committed suicide by slashing his wrists.

It is said that the youth had allegedly grown tired of the constant advice from his family regarding further education

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