Costumed actor mistaken for ‘terrorist’ in Vasai

Costumed actor mistaken for 'terrorist' in Vasai
After apprehending the suspect, police learned that he was a member of a film shooting crew who had decided to take a stroll in his filmy get-up (Representational Image, Courtesy:

A case of mistaken identity kept police on their toes for hours on Monday, after an actor wearing a costume was mistaken for a terrorist in Vasai.

According to reports, tensions escalated in the neighbouring Palghar district after reports of a “terrorist” roaming free started doing rounds. The situation finally eased after police learned the true identity of the man.

On Monday afternoon, the police control room received a call about a “terrorist” roaming in a car near Vasai. The caller described the suspicious-looking man as the one having a huge beard and carrying a pouch for bullets.

After receiving the call, various police stations in the area were alerted. Police also checked CCTV footages to trace the man, who was spotted with his car near Sun City area in Manickpur and was taken into custody.

During questioning, it was revealed that the man is a member of the crew shooting for a film who had decided to take a stroll in the filmy get-up. He was released after police confirmed his identity.

With no terror threat on the horizon, the episode has now become the talk of the town and people have started discussing the incident in a lighter vein.

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