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Mumbai-Leh GoAir flight diverted to Delhi due to bad weather

Mumbai-Leh GoAir flight diverted to Delhi due to bad weather
Mumbai-Leh GoAir flight diverted to Delhi due to unfavourable weather

The passengers were stranded at Delhi airport earlier today (Picture Courtesy: Rohit Punamiya)

A GoAir flight from Mumbai to Leh was diverted to New Delhi due to unfavourable weather conditions on Friday morning. The flight took off from Mumbai at 4 am and was scheduled to reach Leh at 6:40 am.

After being notified about the weather conditions in Leh, the pilots diverted flight G8-386 in a bid to avoid any untoward incident. The flight, with 165 passengers onboard, landed safely in Delhi.

However, some passengers took to social media to vent their ire about the lack of regular updates from the airline.

“More then 200 pax stranded at Delhi tarmac, due to flight cancelled midway from Mumbai to Leh. No proper response, No right information.. pls help,” tweeted Rohit Punamiya.

Meanwhile, other airlines are also likely to reschedule flights to Leh due to the prevailing weather conditions. Passengers travelling on the route are therefore advised to check the status of their flights with the airlines prior to reaching the airport.


Official statement from GoAir:

“G8-386 (BOM-LEH) was diverted to Delhi due to weather conditions not being adequate for the pilots to complete a safe landing. Once the diverted flight landed in Delhi, it had to be unfortunately cancelled due to operational reasons,” said a GoAir spokesperson.

“All passengers have been cared for and provided with hotel accommodations in Delhi. An additional flight will be operated tomorrow morning (G8-386D, ETD 04:50) from Delhi to Leh. GoAir is a very quality conscious airline and passenger safety is paramount to our mission and values. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to our esteemed passengers,” the spokesperson added.

Note: This article has been updated with additional information since it was first published.

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