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Mumbai’s mercury levels set to rise from tomorrow

Mumbai’s mercury levels set to rise from tomorrow
Mumbai's mercury levels set to rise from tomorrow

Both maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to touch 32 and 19 degrees Celsius respectively this week, almost 2-3 degrees higher than last week (Representational Image)

After a brief spell of winter chill, both minimum and maximum temperatures in Mumbai are set to rise this week.

On Monday morning, India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) Santacruz observatory recorded a minimum and maximum temperature of 15.6 and 29.6 degrees Celsius respectively.

Similarly, the Colaba observatory recorded a minimum temperature of 18.6 degrees and a maximum of 29 degrees Celsius today.

While maximum temperatures hovered around the same mark, the mercury levels dipped significantly (between 1.8-2.9 degrees below normal) compared to the previous week owing to the north-westerly winds blowing over the city.

According to IMD’s latest forecast, the maximum temperature in the city is set to rise to 31 degrees Celsius in the next 24 hours (Tuesday) and reach 32 degrees in the next 48 hours (Wednesday).

The maximum levels are expected to hover around the 32-degree mark for the rest of the week.

The minimum temperatures, on the other hand, are expected to gradually climb to 19 degrees by February 24.

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