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Video: Snake found on CSMT-bound train in Mumbai, CR suspects ‘mischief’

Video: Snake found on CSMT-bound train in Mumbai, CR suspects ‘mischief’
Video: Snake found on CSMT-bound train in Mumbai 1

The snake was found in the first class coach of a Titwala-CSMT local (Picture Courtesy: Sai Joshi)

Commuters travelling on the early morning CSMT-bound local were in for a shock after a small snake was found clinging on the fan of one of the coaches on Thursday morning.

The reptile was found coiled on the fan of the first class coach of 8:33 am Titwala-CSMT slow train earlier today.

The panic-stricken commuters pulled the chain near Thane around 8:35 am, following which one of the passengers flung it outside the train with the help of a stick.

With the snake removed from the coach, the local continued onward its journey, albeit with a 10 minute delay.

According to preliminary information, the snake found on the local was a green vine snake, also known as the long-nosed whip snake.

It is mildly poisonous and typically feeds on frogs and lizards.

UPDATE (3:15 pm):

Official update from Central Railway CPRO Sunill Udasi on snake found in CSMT-bound local:

It’s somebody’s mischief. RPF is on the job to nab the culprit. Before the trip in question, this rake had already completed 2 trips since morning.

We are scanning all these viral videos and photographs to asertain from where exactly it emerged all of a sudden at such height. If required help of sarpmitras/snake catchers will also be taken to know the modus operandi.

Previous trips completed by the rake on which the snake was found:

Departure from Titwala: 04.32 am
Arrival at CSMT: 6:15 am

Departure from CSMT: 6:30 am
Arrival at Titwala: 8:33 am

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