2 estate agents arrested for printing fake Rs 2000 notes, spending them at beer bars

2 estate agents arrested for printing fake Rs 2000 notes, spending them at beer bars
Representational Image. Courtesy: News18

Police have arrested two estate agents from Bhayander for allegedly printing copies of the new Rs 2,000 notes and spending them at beer bars in the area.

The Kashimira police raided Om Shree Ganesh Estate Agency, located at Goddev Phatak Road in Bhayander (E), earlier this week on the basis of a tip-off and recovered the printer and scanner used to create the fake Rs 2000 notes.

Following the raid, police arrested the accused, Rajendra Takale (37) and Chetan Patil (36), who told cops that they had spent around 40 such notes in beer bars across Bhayander till date.

Apart from the one’s they had already spent, cops recovered another 32 notes from Takale and Patil, which the duo had printed and were planning to spend. They have been remanded to police custody.

An official also confirmed to having seized the A1-sized blank papers which the accused would use to print the Rs 2000 notes. The duo would print multiple color copies on each paper and cut them carefully to ensure they resemble the newly issued Rs 2000 notes.

The Reserve Bank of India had introduced Rs 2000 notes following the demonetisation of existing high value notes on November 9.

Since then, authorities have registered dozens of cases across the country wherein people have tried to cheat others by printing copies of Rs 2000 notes and passing them on as real. At least three such cases have been registered in Mumbai itself.

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