Ex-banker dies while chasing towing van in Kalyan

Ex-banker dies while chasing towing van in Kalyan
Representational Photo (baysidejournal.com)

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet:

1. Madhukar Kasare, a retired bank employee, died while chasing a towing van in Kalyan’s Bazarpeth area on Wednesday.

2. The incident happened when Kasare had come to visit his friend in Bazarpeth. When he arrived at the spot, he decided to wait for his friend and stood beside his motor bike.

3. While he was waiting, workers of the transport department were towing two wheelers from the area. When they spotted Kasare, they forcibly towed his bike claiming that it wasn’t properly parked.

4. The clueless ex-banker tried to reason with them by explaining that he had not parked the bike and was simply waiting for his friend to arrive. But, the towing workers turned a deaf ear to his repeated requests and took off with his bike.

5. Following which, Kasare started chasing the van and fell unconscious in the middle of the road. He was rushed to Rukminibai hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. An accidental death report has been registered by the Mahatma Phule police.

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