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3 techies arrested for Kiki challenge at CSMT, ordered to make awareness video

3 techies arrested for Kiki challenge at CSMT, ordered to make awareness video
3 techies arrested for Kiki challenge at CSMT, ordered to make awareness video

The Dharavi-residents (inset) have been ordered to make an awareness video as punishment

The Railway Police Force (RPF) on Tuesday arrested three youngsters from Dharavi who had performed Kiki challenge on the footboard of a local train at CSMT in July.

The video was performed on July 29 this year and uploaded the next day on Youtube under the title ‘Kiki challenge on Mumbai local trains’.

According to an RPF official, help was sought from the cyber crime cell at BKC, which managed to trace the IP address of the uploader to Dharavi.

In the video, a youngster was seen dancing in a stationary train, getting down and dancing on the platform at the CSMT (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) and hopping back into the train.

“First we verified the video in which the youth was performing a stunt, as part of the Kiki challenge performed in the train between platform numbers 3 and 4,” the official said.

The trio – identified as Suraj Gautam (23), Abdul Yusuf (22) and Kanhaiya Kumar (23) were booked under sections 145 B (indecency or nuisance), 147 (entering railway premises or damaging property) and 156 (performing stunts) of the Railway Act.

Gautam, who performed the stunt, is a BSC (IT) student while Shaikh and Kanhaiya are engineers. They told cops that they had uploaded the video on the platform to make money.

A railway court let off the trio stating that their act was only aimed at garnering immediate publicity and that they were unmindful of its legal consequences.

In his order, metropolitan magistrate Vinay Muglikar said the accused had performed the act unmindful of the fact that they are violating the provisions of the law, which is punishable under the Railways Act.

The accused trio prayed leniency on the ground of their young age.

“It appears from the conduct that they have done this act for immediate publicity. A trend is developing wherein if anybody wants to gain publicity then he/she has to do something different. The accused have fallen to such a trend,” it stated.

The judge stated that the trio are repenting and that they have prepared a video clip “showing their remorse in the form of an unconditional apology”.

“The trio have contended that they will prepare an awareness video so that people desist from performing the dangerous Kiki challenge,” the magistrate said.

The video will inform people about the potential danger of performing Kiki challenge and how it violates the law.

In a similar incident last month, a railway court in Palghar district ordered three persons to clean Vasai railway station for three consecutive days for posting their video of performing the Kiki challenge on a moving train.

Kiki challenge involves getting in and out of a running vehicle while dancing on the road next to it.

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