Abandoned vehicle blocking road? Here’s how you can get Mumbai Traffic Police to remove it

Abandoned vehicle blocking road? Here's how you can get Mumbai Traffic Police to remove it 1
Citizens can lodge complaints about abandoned or unattended vehicles by calling the helpline, email, website, WhatsApp etc (Picture Courtesy: Dennis M)

In a bid to decongest city roads, Mumbai Traffic Police has made public details of various modes by which citizens can henceforth lodge complaints about abandoned or illegally parked vehicles occupying public streets.

Last month, the Bombay High Court had directed authorities to provide a mechanism for citizens to register complaints about such vehicles, along with maintaining a record of every instance.

“As per the order of the Honourable Bombay High Court dated September 21, 2018 in PIL number 92 of 2013, a grievance mechanism to take action against abandoned, unattended and illegally parked vehicles has been created by the Traffic Control branch of Mumbai Police,” a release issued by the traffic department said.

Under the new mechanism, citizens can report such vehicles via various modes ranging from calling to social media.

“It is open to citizens to lodge their complaints in respect of abandoned, unattended vehicles on public streets on the following helpline, email, website, WhatsApp etc,” the release said.

Going forward, citizens can report such vehicles to Mumbai Traffic Police via the following modes:

1. Helpline Number: 8454-999-999

2. Email: [email protected]

3. Website: https://trafficpolicemumbai.maharashtra.gov.in/

4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/MumbaiPolice

5. WhatsApp: MTP App

After towing the vehicles, the owners will likely be booked under provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, Central Motor Vehicles Rules, and the Maharashtra Police Act.

Earlier this month, the BMC also said it will appoint an external agency that will accept complaints from citizens about unattended vehicles and forward them to the respective wards for action.

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